Nature Conservation and Protection


Since Nature Conservation and Protection is the central component of the association's activity, the actions promoted in this area have as main objectives: benefiting native biodiversity, improving the functionality of ecosystems, controlling the negative impact of invasive species and promoting natural spaces and values.


Training and Environmental Education


In order to complement our work of environmental protection and restoration, we believe it is important to foster environmentally and socially responsible attitudes and values. Therefore, we develop environmental education actions for the whole community, with the objective of making our fauna and flora known and demystifying false myths often associated with them. Through these actions, which are aimed at all types of audiences, BioLiving hopes to develop an environmental sensitivity in the community, generating civic awareness that results in a collective effort to protect biodiversity.

We also intend to be a vehicle for technical-scientific training in the most diverse areas related to sustainability, ecosystem management, forest management, and for the development of specific skills in nature protection and biodiversity, environmental education and science communication.


Environmental Monitoring and Consulting


BioLiving provides specialized scientific consulting services for environmental management such as inventory and monitoring of fauna and flora, sustainable forest management, urban tree heritage management, among others. These services not only help to get to know the local terrain and biodiversity, but also allows to outline a plan for ecological restoration and maintenance of the natural space. In this context, Associação BioLiving also provides consulting services in the creation of educational services and technical and scientific training actions.

Social Inclusion and Involvement


The fourth component of BioLiving's work aims to demonstrate that nature is inclusive by giving everyone the opportunity to participate in all of our events and activities (from the youngest to the oldest to people with disabilities and/or socially disadvantaged), using nature as a vehicle to combat inequalities and encouraging greater public participation in the defense of natural values. We want to be a platform for promoting more conscious, interventional, responsible and proactive environmental citizenship and as foster integration, peace and solidarity, using education, natural resources and nature protection as its motto.

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