Held in autumn and winter, these (re)forestation actions benefit areas that need to be ecologically restored or enhanced in terms of their ecological functionality. With these actions we intend to involve the local community, students, public and private entities, as well as other interested parties, and make them aware of the importance of forests as well as civic participation and volunteering. During the plantations, it is also explained the reason for the choice of species to be planted in the area, the techniques to be used and the biodiversity that we will be benefiting from it.




In order to ensure that we have trees for our reforestation actions, we sporadically carry out volunteering actions in order to sow seeds and organize the Association's plant nursery. During these actions we also explain and teach nursery techniques, sowing and bottling plants, as well as the reason for choosing the species that we have in our plant nursery.


Control of invasive species


The problem of invasive species is one of the greatest environmental concerns in Portugal and in the world, causing enormous economic and ecosystem damages. Thus, throughout the year, usually at the same time as reforestation actions, we carry out voluntary actions for the removal and control of invasive species. We mainly fight the presence of the most widespread species, such as Acacia sp. species while also trying to involve the community and explain the best methods to control and prevent the sprouting of these plants, and raising awareness for the damages that these species have on our ecosystems and our lives.


Inventory and monitoring of fauna and flora


BioLiving provides specialized scientific consulting services for environmental management or public communication, including the inventory and monitoring of fauna, flora and habitats. This work may be included in scientific projects, environmental impact studies, activities or contents for science communication, valuation of the territory, applications for funds, among others.


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