Pedagogical workshops


Under the motto "Nature and Education for All", BioLiving organizes several pedagogical workshops for several types of public. We believe that the best approach to learning and true knowledge and respect for nature is through practical activities, where the participants can "get their hands dirty", that is, experience and feel nature very closely.

From the construction of herbaries and shelters for fauna, workshops on mammals, amphibians and reptiles, insects, flora and even workshops about natural cosmetics, survival in the forest and control of invasive species, the offer is very much and perfectly adaptable to the needs of the group of participants. These activities are also suitable and adaptable to the school curricula and we have activities for all school years, from kindergarden to high school.


Interpretative tours


Like the pedagogical workshops, our offer of interpretative tours is very wide and adaptable, but we always have in mind the goal of showing the local biodiversity and how we can improve our relationship with it. These are usually thematic walks in natural spaces with interpretation about the local fauna and flora, but we also organize bike tours if the terrain and logistics allow it.




BioCamp® is a scientific camp dedicated to all school levels (from primary school to university) and aims to foster scientific literacy through contact with native flora and fauna. The program of these camps is customized according to the age of the participants, their level of studies and particular interests, ranging from simple environmental education workshops to scientific monitoring activities and workshops. Despite the pedagogical component of BioCamp®, we have not forgotten the playful part, so that our participants have fun and live an unforgettable experience.

Being a very versatile and adaptable activity, and taking our motto "Nature and Education for All" seriously, BioCamp® is not limited only to the youngest and we can organize these scientific camps for the most diverse age groups and audiences such as families and companies (team building).

Volunteer workcamps


We have experience in organizing volunteer work camps with Portuguese and international participants.  During 5 to 12 days participants can learn about nature conservation by actively participating in nature conservation and ecological restoration activities, such as the construction of wildlife ponds, shelters for fauna, removal of invasive species, land clearing, sowing, planting, among others. These camps distinguish themselves from other existing camps by the care with which we plan scientific activities, but also by the truly amazing cultural and animation program that we always carry out. Some international workcamps already organized by BioLiving were: EcoVilar (2017), Forest for Future (2018) and EcoRivers (2019) with the support and partnership of the Municipality of Lousada; Villa Forest (2018) in partnership with Living Place - Animação Turística; and EcoCulture (2019) with the support and partnership of the Municipality of Albergaria-a-Velha.

These workcamps, besides the effective ecological restoration work done, are a good opportunity for rich intercultural exchanges and sharing of experiences and knowledge, while promoting an active citizenship and supporting the importance of volunteering.


Talks and Conferences

We organize and participate in several talks and conferences every year, not only as a way to promote our work as an NGO, but also of a more scientific and pedagogical nature. We use these platforms to disseminate conservation projects, talk about fauna and flora, demystify beliefs that are sometimes still quite rooted, promote sustainable forest management techniques, among many other topics.

Every year, BioLiving organizes the BioFórum, a seminar dedicated to the debate of current and relevant topics that aims to gather the opinion of experts, but also the community, resulting in a rich and constructive discussion. We intend that BioForum also becomes a platform for the dissemination of innovative projects as a networking space, where participants and invited speakers can share experiences and ideas fostering collaborative partnerships and the resolution of common problems. See more


Are you interested in organizing an environmental education activity/event or do you want to invite BioLiving to a conference? Contact us!

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