Associação BioLiving is governed by the following objectives:


     - Conduct its interventions following the premises of sustainability always with its three main pillars in mind - social, economic and environmental - and with reflection and critical thinking as motivators of singular and collective action;

    - Promote environmental and scientific citizenship by encouraging public participation and the broad involvement of citizens through awareness raising, training and education for sustainability, culture, healthy lifestyles, nature conservation and environmental protection;

  - Actively develop sustainability projects that promote social involvement and have a technical, formative and demonstrative nature, with its own initiatives or cooperating with other entities to promote local and community development, nature conservation and protection, the efficient use of resources, social economy and the development of environmental entrepreneurship;

   - Contribute to the production and dissemination of scientific knowledge and promote or collaborate in research projects that seem relevant to the pursuit of BioLiving’s objectives, namely within the scope of land planning, valorisation and efficient use of resources, rural development and biodiversity with benefits for nature conservation and environmental protection;

   - Develop scientific and technical consultancy and advisory activities to public and private entities, as well as to singular personalities who stand out in the association's intervention areas, assisting relevant decision-making processes;

    - Promote educational, cultural, recreational, sportive and charitable projects and activities as inseparable components of sustainable development understood in a holistic way, while also fostering in all its aspects healthy lifestyles, economic sustainability and social and environmental justice, as factors of unity and peace.




Asociação BioLiving is governed by the following social and human values, defending them, as much as possible, in its operating model and activity scope:


- Protection and valorization of natural and cultural heritage;

- Right to environmental quality;

- Justice and peace;

- Equity and equal opportunities;

- Solidarity and defense of the common good;

- Right to education and knowledge;

- Independence;

- Transparency;

- Ethics, humility and respect.

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Associação BioLiving
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