Project ID: 2017-1-PT01-KA204-035759

Duration: September 2017 – August 2020

The project


NGEurope is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme and is the first European project of BioLiving. Under the coordination of the Municipality of Lousada, it has as partners Associação BioLiving and PlaySolutions, in Portugal; CESEFOR Foundation, in Spain; the leading NGO in the promotion of good outdoor practices Leave No Trace, in Ireland; the University of Athens, in Greece; and E.N.T.E.R., in Austria, an agency for the dissemination of results of European projects.

Given the recognised importance of the work of NGOs (non-governmental organisations) in building stronger, more resilient and sustainable communities, we believe that it is necessary to promote more and better civic participation not only in our country, but also throughout Europe.

This is how NGEurope came about, the need to raise awareness of the importance of civic work, through NGOs, and the importance of acting and taking joint responsibility for problems that affect everyone, especially at environmental and social level.

The main objective of this project is the training of associative leaders, but also giving support to existing civic movements and NGOs. We intend to promote a green economy and social cohesion through civic participation and mobilization. To this end, we will share a set of good practices, role models and success stories that can (and should!) be replicated throughout Europe. We believe that creating this platform with real and replicable cases is a very practical way to show new techniques and approaches to associative leadership.

NGEurope's ultimate goal is to serve as an inspiration and guide in creating new civic movements or remodeling and improving existing ones!

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Green inspiration from all over Europe!

NGEurope Observatory is an online platform integrated into the project website that allows us to share success stories from the five partner countries. These NGOs range from associations with a more local scope to those working on a national level, which due to their way of action, management or impact they have on the communities where they operate, we consider examples of success.

In this platform you will find basic information about several NGOs: areas of activity, projects developed and in progress, financing mechanisms, partnerships, among others.

We want this dissemination platform to be a bridge of contact between NGOs and possible volunteers or even possible partners. Explore and be inspired!

Available Resources

On the project website you will find several products and resources that you can consult and download for free:

  1. A Diagnostic Report that analyses the public perception of the work and importance of NGOs and other civic movements in the environmental and social fields in the five partner countries of the project.

  2. An Introductory Guide to Mentoring Interns in NGOs to help NGO leaders with little experience in hosting interns and/or volunteers.

  3. Training Course package on Green and Social Entrepreneurship and NGO Leadership

  4. Guide for Founding and Funding NGOs for everyone that wants to know about the first steps to consider before starting an NGO, the founding process, management tips and examples of funding oportunities.

  5. Policy Paper that addresses the main findings of the project and provides evidence and discusses why a change of NGO policy approach might be relevant both at national and European levels.


These and other resources resulting from NGEurope are available here.

NGEurope in numbers

Over the three years of this project, NGEurope has directly involved hundreds of people in a multitude of activities and events:

  • 5 Training Courses

    • 100 trainees

    • 6 field trips to NGOs

  • 6 NGEurope Multiplier Events

    • 250 participants​

    • 30 NGOs

  • NGEurope's "job shadowing" program

    • 80 mentees

    • 20 NGOs

Some Testimonials


“The training course was enlightening in every aspect. The interaction with social entrepreneurs across Europe as well as the tools and techniques learned will definitely impact our future actions.”


"NGEurope is a great way to learn about social entrepreneurship and to start thinking in innovative ways as well as taking actions. Moreover, I met a lot of very inspiring people and gained a feeling of connection and solidarity with other European citizens."


"The NGeurope project was an excellent opportunity for my personal growth. I did not expect to experience a training course where I would leave my comfort zone and meet different realities of other nationalities on the topics of leadership and environment. Thanks to this experience I was able to learn the opportunities of the third sector in order to help local communities develop environmentally friendly solutions to their problems. Also, I was able to network with many NGO’s, not only in my country but also abroad.
Through the project’s immersion program, I was able to work in an international workcamp and meet even more people of different parts of the world. This International workcamp allowed me to work on my language skills but most importantly my leadership skills that I learned in the training course. Thank you NGEurope for the amazing experience!"


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