About us

Associação BioLiving is a non-profit association, whose motto is “Nature and Education for All”. Its main objectives are:

      - Promote sustainability;

    - Encourage environmental citizenship and public participation in the defense of natural values;

      - Boosting the social economy;

    - Promote inclusion, peace and solidarity, using education, natural resources and nature protection as their trigger;

   - Provide monitoring and scientific consultancy in the fields of forest, biodiversity and environmental education;


But essentially to demonstrate that nature belongs to everyone and to all.


BioLiving’s work essentially focuses on four main axes:

     - Nature Conservation and Protection 

     - Environmental education

     - Training

     - Social Inclusion and Involvement


Despite the practical actions of nature conservation and habitat restoration being a central component of our work, we believe that it is necessary to educate and train communities for sustainability and citizenship, both through moments of non-formal learning and through technical and scientific training in the field of nature protection and biodiversity.


BioLiving's operating model focuses on the proximity with communities, municipalities, schools, companies and other NGOs. We believe that working in partnership with the the stakeholders and populations facilitates the dialogue and the search for solutions for environmental education and nature conservation and their involvement and interest in environmental issues is more effectively promoted.


BioLiving in number since our foundation in July 2016:

     + 10,000 trees planted (by us)

     + 50,000 trees planted indirectly (in partnership)

     + 20 ha of recovered habitats

     + 350 actions for the general public

     + 800 actions in schools

     + 2,500 volunteers / participants per year

     4 scholarships financed