Scientific and Technical Consulting

Associação BioLiving provides specialized scientific consulting services for environmental management or public communication, including:

  • Fauna and flora inventory and monitoring;

  • Sustainable Forest Management;

  • Urban tree heritage management;

  • Technical and scientific training.


For more information visit the page dedicated to our work in Nature conservation.

Ecological restoration

Do you know or have a degraded natural area? Would you like to restore this place to a space full of vitality, productive and beautiful? BioLiving can help you develop an ecological restoration plan, removing species that invade the field, reforesting with native species and also creating ways to promote local biodiversity, the best indicator of a healthy natural space.

We consult with all owners who want to give a new life to their natural spaces, from public to private entities, for personal, collective or tourist use, as well as for conservation purposes.

Educational Services and Programs


We have experience in planning, managing and implementing educational services and programs for schools, municipalities, study centers and other entities. Always with our motto "Nature and Education for All" in mind, we develop and implement environmental education programs for all types of audiences, from children to seniors, people with disabilities or in more vulnerable social situations. Our educational programs and services are always adapted to the audience and the activities range from theoretical-practical classroom sessions to outdoor sessions with direct contact with nature. 

To find out more you can go to the section on Environmental Education or contact us at



BioCamp® is a scientific camp dedicated to all school levels (from primary school to university) and aims to foster scientific literacy through contact with native flora and fauna. The program of these camps is customized according to the ages of the participants, their level of studies and particular interests, ranging from simple environmental education workshops to scientific monitoring activities and workshops. Despite the pedagogical component of BioCamp®, we have not forgotten the playful part, so that our participants have fun and live an unforgettable experience.

Being a very versatile and adaptable activity, and taking our motto "Nature and Education for All" seriously, BioCamp® is not limited only to the youngest and we can organize these scientific camps for the most diverse age groups and audiences such as families and companies (team building).

Environmental animation of green spaces (public or private)

Associação BioLiving has experience in the development of environmental animation programs for green spaces (public or private) offering a wide variety of educational and recreational activities for the most diverse types of audiences (children, families, seniors, among others). According to the preferences, we always adapt the program to the audience, expected number of people, duration of the event, and to weather and terrain conditions. We plan and execute environmental animation programs both outdoors and indoors.

Corporate team building actions

We organize team building and volunteer actions for companies, groups, associations and other entities interested in making their contribution to nature conservation through plantations, control of invasive species, sowing and construction of ponds and other shelters for fauna. Come with your group to the land managed by Associação BioLiving, in the region of Aveiro, and have a fun day helping us restore and promote biodiversity and strengthening your team spirit. 

We also organize these actions in other areas of the country with the help of our partners.

Upon request we can also develop a more personalized program according to your preferences.

Birthday Parties

Do you want a different, greener and more ecological birthday for your children? At Associação BioLiving we develop customized birthday programs with outdoor or indoor environmental education activities without ever forgetting the fun! From fauna and flora watching, building shelters for fauna, mask building activities or painting with natural paints, our offer is big and diverse and children will love it!

Thinking of a more adult audience, we also organize environmental activities for parents' and grandparents' birthdays! Our programs are always adapted to our audience.

For more information, quotes or to request our services, contact us!​